Nikon FM2n and more

Nikon FM2n © Mr Eddy
As you can see on this picture, I now own a film SLR, Nikon branded of course since I have some Nikon lenses already. The Nikon FM2n body was my choice.

Nikon FM2n, Lomo, Action Sampler

The Nikon FM2n was produced until 2001. It was only 11 years ago, but most of the young generation see this kind of body like a strange machine coming from the past. Digital has become the “normal” way to take a photo. Everything else is like UFO. So where can we still buy this UFO things ? Well in a lot of shops indeed ! Unfortunately because of the digital revolution, more and more of them are closing one after the other. But if you’re looking for film Nikon branded bodies, you definitely should have a look at Grays of Westminster ! This is where I bought it from. One of the best Nikon shops in UK with an excellent customer service. And to be honest, even better than most you may find in Paris too.

Nikon FM2n © Mr Eddy

So be ready for some film shoots here very soon. I’ve loaded my Nikon FM2n with a Kodak Tri-X 400 ASA, my favorite black & white 24×36 film, with which I took some shoots with a Canon film SLR a few years ago in London. Let’s hope Kodak will never stop producing this film !

Nikon FM2n

This was for the FM2n. And while talking about film camera, I also got a Lomo LC-A+ and an Action Sampler. And both are loaded with some colour films. Some samples this month are on their way too !

UPDATE : If you wan’t to see some pictures taken with my FM2n, click here. I even tested it in on live shows as you can see here.

What else ?

Well, I have a lot more to talk about, especially weddings with other kinds of services I am offering and of course some street photos in Paris. Further posts will be online this week ! If you want to follow my work, you may “Like” my Facebook Page by the way or just subscribe to this blog.

I am leaving you with this recent picture of a “beast”… 😉

© Mr Eddy

Happy Easter !

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  1. Jc

    Ok for the dslr and your next hit 😉 For shooting some beautiful bikes you must run and run, and still run …

    And tank’s for the link 😉

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