Can we see your portfolio ?

Yes, I made it available online, click here. This is actually the first thing to check with a wedding photographer. Not only to ensure the quality of his work, but also to see what kind of photos you should get from him. Some are more traditional, others seek more spontaneity in the pictures (this is my case) to bring you a photo report in the most noble sense of the term.

How do we book you ?

Very simply, contact me by mail, phone or via the form.

We can meet up ?

Once the selection is made, you have to meet with the photographer of your choice, to further discuss your wedding and see if he can actually meet your expectations.

During this meeting it is important for you to determine the style of photos you’re hiring me for and any expected requirements. In addition, you can discuss on this occasion the organization or not of specific activities. All photographers do not do so. In my case I propose an activity between “studio” and purely fun. According to the expectations of bride and groom, it may just be the photo shoot in the evening or some role play with funny dressing during the next day brunch or any other fancy ideas we may find out together.

What gear am I working with ?

Well with Nikon digital SLR and multiple lenses. Recently, a couple of film cameras have been added, including some very simple but with original results.

What time are you coming on the wedding day ?

Some offer packages ranging from the religious ceremony with a few group shots to a full report starting from the wedding preparation until the end of the evening. I practice the second solution, since through from experience I believe you get a much better album. Being present in the morning during ceremonial preparation allows me to meet with the two families and get everybody to familiarize with my presence. The sooner you’ll forget about me, the more natural-looking and expressive pictures I will get. All this will lead to better photos ! This is the key to a wedding story that shows the mood of the event.

I generally arrive between 9 and 10 AM as per on the program of the day, sometimes earlier depending on the location to reach to. If a session “Trash the dress” or simply a “studio” activity is planned for the next day, I will leave you after it. If not I leave in the morning of next day.

We get married outside of Paris, or even abroad, am I available ?

It is not uncommon to get married far away from the town where bride and groom live. I am in Paris, so the travel and accommodation outside the capital and its suburbs are the responsibility of the to-be wedded couple.

Everything went well ! When will the photos be ready ?

Excellent question to ask before the wedding actually ! I usually get to work on the photos upon my return and now I offer a private online gallery to view and download photos in high-definition. It takes one to two weeks. After a first selection is made, a several-hour post-treatment follows (exposure, contrast, color or black and white) during which each photo is checked on a calibrated monitor to make sure you will have a flawless result.

And I deliver between 600 and 1000 photos for a full album.

Why do I work as a wedding photographer ?

The answer is simple : because among all the assignments that I can receive, weddings are those I enjoy the most. It combines photojournalism, real-life portraits, sometimes studio, party photo with flash during the evening, all this in just a few hours. And that’s probably the only situation of “report” where 100% of people are happy to have you there.

In fact I wonder how can we as a humanist photographer dislike wedding reports ?

But seriously, is there anything I dislike ?

Yes, I readily admit not being a fan of static pictures, flat, colorless and lifeless, or cheesy effects. And I don’t accept wedding reports just for the time of the ceremony, for the reasons explained above. Other than that, nothing bothers me ! :)

The price ?

Once you have toured the questions above, we can set the price based on my day pass and your specific requirements. So it’s time to contact me !