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Paris : 2007 to 2010

Paris, capital of France, the country that saw the birth of photography, may have been one of the most interesting city to shoot as a street photographer. In the past years, it’s the place I’ve been learning photography.And in a way, I could say it’s the city which has taught me what I know of photography. In 2007, I started to organize my work in Adobe’s Lightroom software (and I’m using it until know). So I’ve decided to do a little retrospective of my photos, especially the one I took in the streets or beneath it.


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London © Mr EddyThis city has always been special to me. I hated it when I was a child, because we went there on winter a few times and the weather was awful every time. Bad luck. Now we have Eurostar, so it’s only 2 hours away from Paris and I’ve tried the english breakfast in the meantime, discovered Camden Town, all the little gardens nearly every where and Hide Park too.

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